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" न हि ज्ञानेन सदृशं पवित्रमिह विद्यते "

To Educate and guide the teeming Millions of youth in our Country today is most Constructive and innovative  Mission, one that requires perseverance, dedication and a Missionary zeal.  I take great pleasure in introducing the Banaras Institute of Polytechnic & Engineering, the first self-financed professional institute to come up in the holy city of Varanasi. The Purwanchal Educational Trust has over the last few years to focus on developing institutes of academic excellence at par with the best in the Country to provide quality education to this region. The pursuit of higher education is both empowering and demanding, especially so in the knowledge economy of the 21st  century where social development and outcomes rely mainly on the skills of the individuals and communities.

Education today needs to be adaptive to respond to emerging needs. At the Banaras Institute of Polytechnic & Engineering, this is the guiding factor as we orchestrate our efforts, deploy our capabilities and plan our strategies to help us attain our key objectives; helping the students realize their true potential and attain their desired goals. We aim to educate and empower them to the level where they can take on the current challenges in their chosen field and build lofty citadels of achievement through the education we impart. To achieve these goals the institute offers high-caliber teaching, quality faculty, and an excellent campus that promotes academic learning and personal growth. We hope to inculcate in our students a spirit of confidence, self-respect, and provide them with deep insight in order to develop them as a far-sighted workforce with a pride in their nation and a dream to aspire towards professional excellence.

Dr. Chandrika Rai (IPS Retd.)
Purwanchal Educational Trust