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Information for alumni The institution considers all its current and former students as an integral part, and is 100% committed to providing employment to its students. In this sequence, this year also, placement drives were organized by continuous companies in the Vidyalaya complex, resulting in 100% placement of all students out of 2017 batch. In this case, the institution has decided that in the past, if there is an employment related problem with the pass students, they can contact the school and provide their details, the institution is always trying for the good future of you. Below is the Alumni Registration form, which all alumni can mail at, or can fill this form at All of your students are valuable to us, so please provide us with your details through this form, and stay in touch. At the same time, your creative suggestions on the organization's reading-reading, quality improvement, etc. will continue to be sustained, so that we can together create a beautiful future.
- Principal